Best price guarantee

Look no further: Hotel & More guarantees you the best price on the hotel website.

Validate the best price guarantee!

If you still find a more favourable public offering elsewhere within 24 hours from your booking, then we will obviously immediately modify our offer based on the more favourable price and send a confirmation to you.

You need to do the following in order to vindicate the guarantee

  • Send the information that you've found a more favourable price than the ones shown on our websites to the e-mail address Include the name and URL of the website containing the lower price and attach a screenshot about the offer in question.
  • Send your booking code and data finalised on one of our websites maximum 24 hours earlier than the signalled alternative.


A basic condition for vindicating the guarantee is that you need to have a valid confirmed room booking from the website of the hotel or from the official website

The more favourable price should be valid with the same booking conditions as the one confirmed by us. These conditions are the following:

  • valid for the same hotel
  • the arrival and departure dates in the booking are the same
  • the number and age of guests is the same
  • the type and number of rooms is the same
  • there is no difference between the amount and content of other ordered services

If the above conditions are met, don’t hesitate to write to the e-mail address!

The price guarantee is not applicable for the following types of prices

  • prices available on non-public surfaces (club system, corporate, etc.)
  • prices available on auction websites
  • in case of using loyalty points given by any other partner

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