Legal disclaimer

1. Copyright

The website of Hotel & More Bellevue Kft. (1022 Budapest, Fillér utca 84/A, Tax number: 32453933-2-41) - hereafter Operator - website, - hereafter Website - under copyright protection stands.

All texts, images, graphics, animation and sound files on the Website of Operator, their environment and any other intellectual property represented on the website are under legal protection in accordance with the relevant laws on intellectual property rights. Such creations may not be used or displayed on any other website without the prior written consent of Operator.

The exceptions include the images displayed by Operator copyright free. Certain online pages of Operator may contain images, graphics or other elements legally protected by their owners therefore, in order to avoid infringement, we recommend that our users avoid any unauthorised use thereof.

2. User rights

Users may request information on the management of their personal data, as well as the correction or deletion of such data, except for the data whose management is required by the law.

If requested by the user, the Data Manager shall provide information on the managed or processed data, the purpose, legal basis and duration of data management, the name and address (headquarters) of the Data Manager and its activity related to data management, as well as information on those who accessed (or would access) such data and the relevant reason.

The user may object to the management of his/her personal data if

• the management (transmission) of personal data is exclusively required for the enforcement of the right or lawful interest of the data manger or the data receiver;
• the personal data are used or transmitted exclusively for the purposes of direct marketing, opinion poll or scientific research;
• the right of objection is otherwise granted by the law.

The Data Manager shall investigate any objection within the shortest possible period, but within no more than 15 days from the date of submitting such request by simultaneously suspending the management of data, and shall notify the applicant of the outcome in writing.

3. Legal remedies available to users

If any right of the user is violated, he/she may take legal action against the Data Manger.

Should the user disagree with the decision of the Data Manger with regard to the user’s objection to data management, legal action may be taken within 30 days of the relevant notification.

The Data Manager shall be liable to provide compensation for any damage caused by the unlawful management of user data or by violating the requirements of technical data protection.

Please be informed that by registering on the website of Operator you simultaneously acknowledge the contents of our statement on the protection and use of personal data and consent to the management and processing of your personal data in accordance with this declaration.